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2 years ago

Employee reimbursement

Hi all. I have looked for the answer for my situation but I couldn't find it so I hope someone could guide me to the right direction.   So I have followed the instruction on how to reimburse an em...
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    2 years ago

    Hi YokoT1205 


    Thanks for your post. The process for employee reimbursements is:


    1. enter the reimbursement in the pay run against the reimbursment pay item
    2. transfer the employee wages to their bank account, which includes the reimbursement
    3. record the Spend money transaction for the purchase selecting the Employee reimbursement liability account in the Bank account field
    4. match the pay transaction to the bank feed transaction in the Bank transactions window

    To match a bank feed transaction, click on the expand arrow>>Match transaction>>tick the transaction and Save.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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