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3 months ago

Contractor's GST not showing in GST report

I processed a wage payment in payrun to a contractor who is GST registered.  I set up the GST payment as shown in the picture.    After I recorded the payment, the GST amount didn't show in the GST...
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    3 months ago

    Hi zero77,


    Thanks for your post.


    Adding a GST pay item in a pay run won't show up in the GST report because it's not linked to a GST code.


    Generally, contractors are treated one way or another. You may pay them as an employee with withholding tax taken out. Typically, GST would not also be taken out in this scenario.


    Otherwise if they're invoicing you and charging GST then typically they would be treated as a supplier. Click here for more information.


    If you are unsure which scenario applies for this contractor we would recommend speaking to your accountant.


    Feel free to post again anytime if you require further assistance. 
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