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2 years ago

Payroll reporting

Hi, I am trying to finalize EOF payroll. I use STP (phase 2). The MYOB payroll activity (summary) and register reconcile but the YTD verification report is not the same. I first made sure all payment...
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    2 years ago

    Hi jacs-auto 

    Thanks for your post. When reconciling payroll the first reports you'll need to check is the Payroll Activity Summary and Payroll Register Summary.  This is because the Activity report gets it's data from pays recorded through Process Payroll. The Register report gets it's data from the Pay History tab in the employee card. STP reports also get their figures from the Pay History tab in the employee card. 


    When the Activity and Register reports don't match it generally means that a manual adjustment has been made in the Pay History tab of the employee card. 


    If the Activity and Register reports do match, then it's time to look at the ATO reporting categories. Check for any payroll categories that you've paid for the first time in that month, eg, annual leave, leave loading, personal leave. You can run the Activity Detail report to get a break up of the payroll categories. Check the different categories to see if one of them is the amount you are out of balance by.