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2 months ago

Want to create a Budget

Hello! Searched and searched but couldn't find out why I can't see 'budget management' in the reports menu. It says in help:

  1. Go to the Reporting menu and choose Reports.
  2. On the Reports page, click Budget management.

I'm thinking this might be an exclusion on Business Lite? But can't find budgets listed as not included anywhere. 

Any help! Thanks


This is what I see: 


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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi Paul81 ,

    Thanks for your post, and my apologies for the late response. I wanted to inform you that Budget Management reports are not available in MYOB Business Lite. If you need this report, you might want to consider upgrading to MYOB Business Pro or submitting a suggestion to our Product Ideas page.

    Feel free to post again, we're happy to help!