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2 years ago

Get Rid of reCaptcha

I can tell MYOB due to the reCaptcha on every invoice I will be changing my and my husbands business to XERO where it is not required.


It is unneccessary and there have been so many businesses advising you of this yet MYOB have disregarded the experienced user.


Really disappointed.

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  • Hi ExperiencedUser 

    To prevent fraudulent invoices from being sent and to maintain the same level of service for online emailing we did introduce a reCPATCHA function into the software when sending emails. 

    Generally speaking, this will be added for newer MYOB Business users and disappear over time. This a function that we are not able to disable on a per MYOB Business basis.

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      Unbelievably annoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Just get rid of it.  Wasting so much of my time