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2 months ago

Invoicing to multiple Supervisors in One Company

Hello MYOB Community


Seeking assistance in Invoicing.  I have multiple supervisors within one company and wondering how I can identify the supervisors when creating an invoice - I have created Contact ID for each Supervisor, but when I create the invoice, I cannot see where the Contact ID comes in.  I may be missing it - and seeking help.  Thanks all

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    Hi Chezzad,


    Thanks for your post. Before you can enter a sale in MYOB, you'll need to add some details about the customer you're selling to. These details will be saved, so you don't have to enter them each time you sell something to the same customer. To allocate the customer you have added, you may double-check it by going to Dashboard > Contacts> All Contacts, then selecting the correct contact type. This helpful article on adding, editing, and deleting contacts will give you full, detailed information and instructions to assist you with this.


    Feel free to post again if you have any questions. On the other hand, if you require immediate assistance, you can also reach out to our virtual assistant, MOCA, on our website, or you can request support via my account at


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