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3 months ago

Changing Inventory price



I have a client that need to change about 50-60k products sell price from Inclusive of GST to Exclusive of GST.


We have contact MYOB 4 times previously and the only thing that they suggested was downloading  time out extender which they dont have.


If we did an import of TXT file and make all files inactivate and then reimport with the correct sell item amount would this work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.. 



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  • Hi Flinders 


    No that will not work. Making them inactive doesn't allow you to import new items. With that many to update, get in touch with MYOX Services, they will have a much better way to do it.  And at least you will know it gets done properly. MYOB importing is at best problematic.


    FYI MYOB was never designed to handle that many items - are they all required? MYOX Services can also delete in bulk if some items are not used.