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14 days ago

Template/Bundle for Item-breakdown

I work for an allied health clinic and we provide orthotics services covered by private health insurance. The items have a "breakdown" of components that can be reimbursed by private health insurance. An example would be a pair of orthotics, even though this is a single purchase "item" it's made up/broken-down into several components; The actual devices (orthoses) item# F221, the top-cover F383, and the cast/foot impression F301, and each item code is "doubled," one each for a LEFT and RIGHT foot; this ensures the client gets the maximum reimbursement as outlined by the insurance provider.


Until recently I've been manually typing the item's and their description into MYOB invoices using the service layout, but currently I've been using the item layout as I've done a breakdown of the items mentioned above, this is still a little tedious, and I was hoping I could create a sort of bundle where when I open a client card I can click a button and select "orthoses" and it'll input the above breakdown.


Hopefully this is possible. I know you can save recurring invoices but this is only for a specific customer-card.



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    Hi Bilby_Admin 


    Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic idea! It's indeed a super helpful enhancement for streamlining your workflow. No worries, I've gone ahead and submitted an enhancement request for consideration in the future. If you have any more brilliant suggestions, feel free to share them with us anytime! 


    Best regards,