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9 months ago

Cannot mapp accounts to file AIM Return

Cannot Mapp accounts, have tried numerous times.  Never had this problem before MYOB made changes, have been doing it for years. They emailed me with old instructions that don't apply, have cleared cache history as always suggested.  When I go to reply to their help email it says its says its not monitored.  Can the MYOB community help here, I am getting no-where with the support team. 

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    Hi no1cleaner,


    Thank you for your post and welcome to the Community Forum. 


    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this issue. To address the issue, after confirming your eligibility, you need to map each account in your ledger to the AIM Statement of activity. This is done from within the GST and provisional tax page in MYOB. Please check out this Help Article: Using the AIM provisional tax option (New Zealand). This article has detailed information that you can use as a guide. 


    Feel free to create new post if you need further assistance in the future. We are happy to assist you. 


    If my response has answered your enquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.





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      Yes, I know how to do that, have been doing those steps for years, not helpful

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        Hi no1cleaner 


        Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.


        I do see multiple posts relating to this query have been raised and understand the frustration of not getting the right solution. This Sounds like more than a mapping issue, could you send me a screenshot of the error messages/code numbers that you are receiving?


        Additionally, I will reach out via private message to gather more information to assist further on this issue.



        Priya Selvaraj

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    Attention:  Priya Selvaraj


    Received your email dated 16.10.23 asking me to verify I am following your steps to setting up AIM return.

    As said numerous times to yourself and other MYOB staff, those are old instructions which you keep giving me and I cannot follow because they don't exist.  There is no GST & provisional tax filing to choose.


    The only way I have discovered on my own without MYOB's help to get to the AIM setting page is to go:

    - More

    - Accounting

    - Prepare GST return ( I have no option telling me to choose gst & prov tax filiing so I go with gst even though don't file gst returns

    - File with MYOB

    - Choose get started (on left hand side of page)


    I have now reached the mapping page, map, save and exit and this is where the problem starts with "your statement of activity could not be prefilled etc, etc)


    If one of your staff logged into the new MYOB and the changes you made, you would see you constantly give out old, outdated instructions to your customers who are using a newer version which you supplied, there is simply no option to do it your way cause it does not exist.






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      Myob have now told me to go to Report Options and tick the box for accounts with xero balances, header.

      Have done this numerous time but there is no where on screen to save these changes, I go back into Accounts List, Report Options and see my changes are not saved.  Have even tried saving it as  file, still does not work.


      The Aim return can still not be filed because the mapping is not working.  Any help here appreciated

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        I have just had to email Inland Revenue that will no longer be filing bi-monthly AIM returns due to problems with MYOB software changes carried out in August.  Despite multiples communications with MYOB in various forms, there appears to be no solution.  Sometimes when I do get emailed and am asked for information it turns out to be a no reply email. ?  The main advantage of MYOB was the ability to file AIM returns, when it goes wrong and you ask for help, it feels like your talking to a robot, giving you outdated instructions when the whole format has changed. When I go into manage bank feeds, instead of saying ANZ Bank as has been for many years it now says The National Bank of NZ, no matter what I do to change this it will not save it. Not great if you have to supply business records for a loan or other purposes. 


        Xero looking so much more appealing, new MYOB more OZ focused, e.g. where is the subject line to file a NZ AIM return, you have to find out yourself by going under gst section.  This has been ongoing for almost over a month because I found so many problems with MYOB changes that I wanted to make sure I could file the AIM return, just as well.  So given up with filing an AIM Return, given up with MYOB customer service