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4 years ago

Company income tax return from within account right

I am not an accountant. I want to do my company income tax return by myself. 


Before deciding to do it by myself had a long chat with the ATO.  I am using account right cloud version. 

It seems SBR is enabled only for BAS and STP. However, MYOB AE and AO description available from ATO says SBR enabled for Company income tax return. 


Could someone provide more clarification on the subject regarding steps I need to take to make accountright SBR enabled for company income tax return. 


Thanks in advance. Help is much appreciated.

  • Hi KevinR,


    Apologies for the delay (I've been on Annual Leave for the week).


    You are correct that I can't provide recommendations, however I can provide you with a Link to the ATO Software Developers site for SBR that lists companies that produce software capable of lodging Company Tax Returns via SBR.


    You can find that link here 


    It's important to note that this list is Maintained by the ATO and other Governement Departments responsible for SBR.  The majority of products on this list as products designed for Tax Agents to prepare returns (as mentioned previously).  This list might also contain items/products that are no longer available etc.


    You are welcome to go through the list and check out each of the products - however, remember that the majority of these products are designed for Tax Agents to prepare not just company, but also Individual, Trust, Partnership, Company and Super Fund returns - amongst many other functions.


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  • Hi KevinR 


    AccountRight doesn't have the capacity to generate a Company Income Tax Return. As you have rightly indicated, it does have the capacity to prepare and lodge BAS and payroll reporting (STP). 

    Our Accountants Enterprise and Accountants Office products would have that Company Income Tax Return functionality, as these are products desired and marketed for Accountants.

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      Thank you Steven.


      Would it be possible, as I wanted to do the income tax return myself for my company, to get accountants office products for my business(es)?


      Also the apporoximate costs for a single user. 




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        Hi KevinR,


        While you could certainly purchase, setup and install MYOB Accountants Office to prepare and lodge your company return, it's likely not the best product for your needs.  


        MYOB Accountants Office, and Accountants Enterprise, are geared toward Accounting Practices, and lodge forms via the Practitioners Lodgement Service (PLS) which uses SBR.  


        To set up and lodge with Accountants Office, or Accountants Enterprise, you would need a Registered Agent Number, and ABN for that agent, registered with the ATO, as well as a bunch of other credetials etc to be able to interact with the ATO in this way.  This is over and above the credentials and setup that is required to lodge STP data to the ATO.


        There are also very specific requirements that the Tax Practitioners Board have in relation to registering as a tax agent (to obtain a Registered Agent Number).


        It is possible as a company, to lodge your own company return, rather than using a Registered Tax Agent (with a Registrated Agent Number (RAN)) however neither AccountRight, Essentials or MYOB Accountants Office/Enterprise are targeted at this market or offer the ability to do this.  Accountants Office/Enterprise require a RAN to be able to lodge)


        There are third party products that will capture details from your AccountRight file and allow you to lodge them directly to the ATO.


        Hope this helps.  If you do wish to pursue the Accountants Office option further, do let us know, and we can organsie for one of the sales team to provide a price.