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3 years ago

How do i correct payroll variations?

I have incorrectly  paid staff.  How do I balance this in myob?

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  • Hi Cooksone


    Thanks for your post. Our help article Payroll overpayments and underpayments has information and instructions on how you would process this in your file depending on the situation. 


    Do let me know how you go. 


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      Thanks but I wish to write off my over payments and not collect from one incident we are talking do I do this

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        Hi, I think this might be more of an accounting question verus a payroll question. 

        You are saying that your payroll journals do not balance against your bank account, becasue you have processed more from the bank than you should have? Right?

        If that's the case, when you reconcile your bank account you would have to split the payments. Matching the first portion to your payroll jounrals and the overpayment amount to your wright off code.