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10 months ago

newsletter attachment

I would like to be able to send a newsletter attaching it to the MYOB emails (bulk send).


Is this possible



  • Hi lime2


    Thanks for the response. 


    Unfortunately, I could not recommend any application. If Mailchimp does not work for your needs, I would suggest going through the App Marketplace to see what is available for integrations. 






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    Hi there,

    The only way you can do this is attach the pdf newsletter each time you send an invoice - its a manual process.

    Have you looked at something like MailChimp where yiu could export out the customer and email address from MYOB and import into Mailchimp?

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      No I haven't.  I will look into this


      Thank you

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        Hi lime2


        Thanks for the post. 


        Currently, the application does not directly support this, so any newsletter you send would be sent manually instead of using the application, 


        Also, as previously mentioned by jenniek, we could create a process where these newsletters get sent to using a different application. 


        In the meantime. Let us know if you require further help.