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2 months ago

MYOB and payroll category

This payroll system is possibly the worst on the market when it comes to removing payroll categories. In short, you can't remove them, so an employee who is on an award and changes pay categories ends up with a lengthy list.

For every wage group, there are different categories for public holidays, shift work, and more. 

Consequently, every pay rise results in a new set of categories, leading to errors and incorrect payments.

I understand the need for stability during the year to prevent payroll corruption, but surely changes could be made between the last payroll of the current year and th

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  • Hi PaulaHajek 


    AR2024 does allow you to remove payroll categories from an employee's card. The exception is if the payroll categories has been used in timesheets. So users who don't use timesheets are not affected by this issue. My guess from your comments is you use timesheets.


    That said, if a payroll category is no longer required in the file, it can be removed using specialist software (even if it was used in a timesheet) - get in touch with MYOX Services as this is something they can do. Probably only worth it if you have several hundred to remove.