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2 months ago

Reversal amount not reversed?

Hi, please help.
I have two questions - one about STP (Payroll reporting - employee year-to-date) and the second one about payslip (auto generated from myob).
For one of my employees, I just found out that her payroll activity report is correct whilst STP (Payroll reporting - employee year-to-date), payroll summary & payroll register report were not. The discrepancy is the reversal amount, I did the reversal pay run in January, status accepted by the ATO.

Her gross payment amount and PAYG withholding amount were not reversed. So the correct gross payment amount should be $7038.69 instead of $8153.73 and the PAYG withholding amount should be $1556, instead of $1803.

Second question is her payslip which was also affected, still the same amount as the STP figure. Her payslip is auto-generated from the template here in MYOB. Can the payslip be modified to reflect these changes? As the YTD amount still includes the reversal amount.

I only just realised these issues recently. 
Is there any way to fix this before EOFY finalisation?


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    Hi CWK,


    Thank you for the post. I understand how crucial it is to ensure accurate payroll reporting. Please check the reversal transaction that was made to ensure it was processed correctly. It should show the reversed amounts and match the original payment details. Go to the Payroll Reporting Centre and find the relevant pay run. If the reversal isn't showing correctly, you might need to create an update event to adjust the year-to-date YTD figures for the employee and ensure the update is accepted by the ATO to reflect the corrected amounts. Once the reversal is corrected, compare your payroll activity, payroll summary, and payroll register reports again to confirm that all figures match.


    For the payslip discrepancy, payslips are auto generated based on the payroll data, including YTD amounts. To modify the payslip to reflect the changes, update the YTD figures in the employee's payroll records to reflect the correct amounts after the reversal. Go to the employee's card and generate a new payslips to reflect the updated YTD figures. Then ensure the new payslip matches the corrected payroll data.


    After correcting the reversal and updating the YTD figures, you can proceed with your EOFY finalisation confidently, knowing that all payroll data is accurate.