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3 years ago

Bank Register account column recording as split

When I enter a sale and then recieve the payment, the bank register records the account as split when its not supposed to. The bank register aslo records both the sale and the payment and they both c...
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    3 years ago

    Hi AnneL2 


    When looking at the Bank Register, if the transaction has been placed against multiple accounts the Account column will show as Split. So, having a split is a normal situation in that window.


    The more pressing situation is having your sales in the Bank Register. Normally, you would only have banking transactions in that window, having your sales transactions in that window is commonly caused by having the linked accounts set oddly. My recommendation would be to go to Setup>>Linked Accounts>>Sales Accounts - what is the Asset Account for Tracking Receivables? If that is the main bank account this would be the cause of that situation. You would typically have that set to be a different account like the Trade Debtors or Accounts Receiveable Account. If you have the main bank account set it would be forcing sale transactions to go against the bank account thus appear in the Bank Register, using a separate account for your receivable tracking acts as a buffer for those. 

    Note: This would correct transactions going forward, past transactions would need to be deleted and re-entered. Payments would need to be deleted prior to the invoices.