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3 years ago

emails bounce back

can you please check an email address for black listing in your system thank you 

  • Hi DavidBern DW 


    I just checked this email and it was indeed blacklisted. I have now removed this from the blacklist. Let me know if this has solved it for you.

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    Hi DavidBern 


    Thanks for your post. Generally speaking, we don't backlist emails at our end from receiving MYOB communications. Usually the receiver needs to check their spamfolder or whitelist emails with the domain: However, if you would like to send me a private message on the Forum with the email address and your product's serial number I would be happy to take a look into the account.

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      thanks for responding Yaniki_S


      please forgive my technical ignorance. When I click on the send me a private message link I end up on the Private Messages page but seems the only option is to start a new post that doesnt look to be private. What am I missing?

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        Hi DavidBern DW 


        It seems you have logged in with a different account the second time. I have given both usernames access to private messages now, so please try again.