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2 years ago

How to change font and font size IN the table in a customised form AR2023.4

Hi - have just upgraded our company file from v19 to AR2024 and our customised forms did not migrate all that well - lots of things need tidying up.  One thing I can't work out is how to change the font (and font size) WITHIN a Table in a form.  I can change the font of everything else but the important information in the table is stuck on a tiny Arial font and looks ridiculous.  In v19 I was able to modify the font but I cant work out how to do it in AR2023

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    Hi jrw 


    Thank you for your post. In AccountRight, you can change Font style and size by customizing the forms. Go to Set up menu >> select Customized forms >> select the form and customize >> click on each boxes to edit the font. In the table where it has description, right click and select edit table to change the size and style of the font.  


    I'll provide this Help Article, Personalizing your forms, that has detailed information to assist with this.


    Please feel free to post again I'm happy to assist.


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