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11 months ago

Inventory adjustment - low raw material

How do I enter raw material that's not from a purchase order?


Full explaination

My finished goods are set up to autobuild in MYOB from raw material and labour.

For example, to make 1 ItemA:

RawMatA use 0.18 

Labour use 0.01


So to make 10 ItemA's, you would use 1.8 of RawMatA and 0.1 Labour.


We buy anywhere from 0.5t to 2t of Raw Material at a time. So sometimes when we get to the last bits of that material we can't use autobuild as we do not have enough stock of raw material to make our finished goods. But we obviously had enough stock to make those products. I'm pretty sure this problem is occurring due to a few different reasons.


My questions is; how do I add that raw stock into MYOB? If I do a inventory adjustment which account do I enter in? Does it go to my stock adjustment account? Or does it go to my assest account for inventory items?