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2 years ago

Long Decimal Places

We have several inventory items that have very long decimal places.


It's been a long running glitch with AR, that we have usually resolved by having to make inventory adjustments to 'zero' out the offending inventory items.


But we still have a few inventory items we can't fix.


I've tried calling MYOB support (twice now, on hold for 30+ mins each time).


Is there a way to fix this for current items?

And a way to fix it permanently too so it won't happen again?

  • Hi rob_d 


    I've arranged for that script to be run for you.

    Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance.

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    As my previous reply was removed by moderators, I will try to keep this succinct and light.


    You are correct - this problem has a long history with no permanent fix. 


    In terms of fixing the issue on an item by item basis, we have found the following helpful - it is not a 100% fix, but works maybe 95% of the time.


    1. Do an inventory adjustment to add sufficient qty and $ value to ensure you have both a positive inventory and positive dollar value.


    2. Do a "Count Inventory" and set the inventory to a non-zero whole number (e.g. 1) and process the adjustment


    3. Do step 2 again - but setting the inventory to 0 and process any adjustment created.


    As a separate comment - this is a frustrating fault that needs to be rectified properly in code. Only MYOB has the capacity to institute a re-code to achieve this. And it has been needed for many years. 


    As Inventory management is a core feature of an integrated accounting package it needs to work properly or be sufficiently transparent to allow users to fix issues themselves as (if) they arise.

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      Thanks Ozchemist, these are the "workarounds" we've had to use quite a few times to fix the 'inventory issue', but for some reason won't work this time. Agreed that it's quite frustrating, it never used to happen on the classic versions of MYOB, only the new/online version seems to have these types of issues.

  • Hi rob_d 


    Would you mind confirming the following information as we do have a script (tool) that we can be run over the company file that has helped a number of users with the same situation:


    • Where the company file is stored i.e. online or local
    • What the LAST FOUR DIGITS of the serial number is - Setup>>Company Information
    • What is the company file ID - Help>>About AccountRight
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      Hi Steven_M,


      If you could run a script, that would be appreciated.


      The file is stored online, serial is 7043 & company ID is 9.


      Thank you!

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        Hi rob_d 


        I've arranged for that script to be run for you.

        Do let us know how you get on and if you require further assistance.