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3 years ago

No Job (Budget Analysis) Online

I use mulitple jobs codes in MYOB AccountRight (Desktop version) & enter budgets for each job code. We do reporting using Job(Budget Anyalysis) report. Currently I do not believe that MYOB Accountright (online) can do this reporting or enter a budget into a job code. Am I correct that this functional doesn't exist for MYOB AccountRight (Online)? Do any solutions exist for this?

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    Hi pinnair 


    You are correct that the Job Budget Analysis report isn't available in the AccountRight browser version, you'd need to launch the desktop app to generate the report. 


    Our developers are constantly working on enhancing the browser version, more features will come down the time, hopefully this report will come as well in the near future.

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      When you say near future, when is this expected? would be good to have these breakdowns on the dashboard too for project tracking

      Also, why is the myob team admin page not available from the web platform for accountright? 

    • Is MYOB going to get this solved? It is a major issue for my company.

      Quickbooks already has this functionality - and I will switch over to them soon if this is not resolved. The MYOB online system is completely inferior to Quickbooks