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2 years ago

Purchase discount not working - Chat Line total waste of time - told to ring Support

Firstly I want to say I used your Chat Support Line option, after entering in all details as prompted and waiting over 20mins I was connected with an operator and asked me to enter all details "again".  I typed in the description of the problem and was told tI would need to call the support line.  I refuse to sit on hold again, disgraceful service. 

My issue is, I have a client who takes up a discount for prompt payment of purchase invoices. we have never encountered any issues applying discounts prior to applying the January payment.   The discount amount is entered into the discount coulmn when paying the invoice however MYOB is not taking the discount off the invoice.  Nor is the discount amount showing in the Linked Discount account.  

I have tried posting the payment directly from Bank Feeds and when that didn't work I tried posting the payment directly using Pay Bills in the Purchase window, still unsuccessful.  The invoice is left showing the discount amount as outstanding.  Urgent assistance is required