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3 years ago

receivables reconciliation out of balance

On 30.6.21 my receiveables reconcilition is balanced  (only because I did a journal to balance it)

On 1.7.21 it is out by $14.81 - where do I start looking for this?

It gets progressively worse from then on evey day?

  • Hi mayfield 


    I see you are working with one of our moderators on your second question (can't apply credit to the invoice).


    As for the out of balance in your receivables reconciliation, please make sure you have the right filters selected at the top of the page, as these have an effect on the results in the report:


    If you are still having issues, could you send some screenshots of the report and the out of balance you are seeing?

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      I have already done the receivables reconcilition exception report for that 1 day, it comes up with something completely different

      Also every time I try and use the company data auditor - myob crashes

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        Hi mayfield 


        You will need to run the Receivables Reconciliation [Detail] report for 1 July 2021 and check how many transactions are there. Then you will have to go through each transaction to see if any of the possible causes from the article I sent you, applies to them.