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2 years ago

Shipping Address vs Postal Address

We have a large number of customers who have multiple shipping locations (eg different building sites).  In the desktop version we can manually enter the shipping address for a particular invoice when the information is being entered for the invoice.  In the browser version we don't seem to have this option.  How do we (1) enter the shipping address and (2) get the shipping address to appear on the invoice?

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    Hi kerry17 , Newtothis2 , the browser invoice will take the shipping address directly from the card. That address can either be the same as the billing address or separate. The desktop functionality around shipping addresses has not yet been added to the browser (as of v2023.2).

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      Hi Mike,


      And when do you think this will happen? Because it is really time consuming to have to put the alternate ship to address in the card before creating an invoice to then ensure the shipping address apears.