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2 years ago

System crashing when entering stock purchases

Entering stock purchase and  1 : System.NullReferenceException error comes up.   I have rebooted computer, shut down computer, and nothing seems to work     AccountRight Application Error Repor...
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    2 years ago

    Hi RG6 


    Likely cause is a missing setting or file corruption, so restarting etc won't resolve. It if happens on a specific Item, then check all settings for that item, for example that there are linked accounts for I Buy I Sell etc, there are tax codes linked, the tax codes have linked accounts etc.


    It is is happening for a specific customer/supplier, check all settings on their cards for anything missing.


    It if happening on all items, then likely cause is file corruption and you will need MYOB to look at the file and repair.


    NullReferenceException happens when MYOB needs a field or a link that doesn't exist, such as a tax code.