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3 years ago

Unable to connect to print/email invoices



Can i please get some help, was working fine about 4 days ago, all other commands working.

Unable to connect to print/email invoices on sales command page, on Accountright version 2021.3.0

  • pen 


    Hi Penny,


    Thanks for checking this. It seems like you have too much data in the Print/Email Invoices centre for the online file to process.


    I recommend taking a backup of your file and restoring it offline. When you are working offline, you should be able to open the Print/Email Invoices centre. Open this and clear out the To Be Printed/To Be Emailed tabs, this help article will guide you through the steps: Removing transactions from the print or email queue.


    Once you have done this, take a backup of the file and restore it online. Take note: you can't use your file online while you are doing this, because the new backup will overwrite any changes made in the online file.


    Let me know if this solves it for you!

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    Hi pen 


    Thanks for your post.


    To investigate this further, I would need a bit more information:


    • Does this happen in both your online and offline file?
    • Are you able to print via the Print or Send to - Email functions within the Edit Sales window after opening the Sale from the Sales Register?
    • Do you have any pending Windows updates?
    • Could you send me a screenshot of the error message you are seeing?


    Let me know how you get on with this.

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      Hi Yanike


      Thank you for your response, 

      I only use the online version.

      I can print and email when I'm in edit sales, I can email purchase orders fine from print/email purchase orders.

      All windows updates are current, I checked them this morning.

      We email all our invoices daily, there is too many to open them individually and then email.


      Thanks, Penny 

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        MYOB Moderator



        Hi Penny,


        Could you maybe attach an error log and diagnostic log to your message? 


        This article helps you find these AccountRight Log Locations.


        I saved your screenshot and deleted this of the public forum as it contained your email address which we see as private information.