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3 years ago

Calculating Hours based on 7.6 Hour Day Scenario

Hi, The way my work is set up, our guys work 38 hours - Monday to Thursday 8.50 hours less 1/2 hour for lunch & 6 hours on the Friday = 38 Hours.   My son has just started working & they work on t...
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    3 years ago

    Hi Bronski 

    Ideally, this question would be better posed to Fair Work Australia or a similar organisation to get a better understanding on the rules and methods around that calculation.


    In saying that, typically, it would be proportionate to the amount of shift they have completed. For example, say they are supposed to have work 7.6 hours and they have left after working 3.5 hours you would pay the employee 3.5 hours their normal wage and 4.1 hours leave.