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6 years ago

Child Support deduction set up

Hi how do I settingup child support deduction in MYOB Accouting right?. Does it show in Payment summary report or not?. Shoult it reportable or not? The same query for salary sacrifice.


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    Hi vncasa 


    Child support is generally Not Reportable.  This link will help with the set up - Child support payments


    This link Salary sacrifice will help you set up the salary sacrifice payroll category. For gross wages to be reduced by the SS amount you assign the Reportable Employer Superannuation Contributions (RESC) ato reporting category- Assign ATO reporting categories








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      Thank Tracey, With child support deduction, I set up exactly what you told me. The different was with old payment summary system, the child support deduction amount was included in gross payment report. With exact the same set up, when I moved to STP, the gross amount does not include child support deduction amount. Is this normal.

      With setting up salary sacrifice, please show me how to set it up for NON-super salary sacrifice type. We are non profitable organisation.