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12 months ago

Employee payroll records

I have an error that will not allow me to access an employees file - a pay run has just been undertaken and at that time, I could access the employees file. I have attached the error message - would appreciated your help urgently as it is the end of the payroll year and I need to complete reporting such as superannuastion today, please.  

  • Hi AW2800 


    Thanks for your reply.


    Kindly try to send me again a private message. Please let me know if you can.


    Best regards,


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    Hi AW2800 


    Thanks for your post and Welcome to MYOB Community Forum.


    To further assist you with this, kindly send me a private message with the following details:


    • Serial number
    • Name of primary contact and email address
    • Business name
    • Company File ID (Help > About MYOB AccountRight)


    Best regards,


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      Hi Doreen P - the private messaging option is not functional at present, apparently. When I try to send you a private message there is nowhere that I can actually input the data you have requested. 


      I can see that MYOB has significant problems with payroll presently and I am another user who is getting very concerned about our ability to finalise the EOY payroll with only 2 days to go. We have a pay run due tomorrow - can you please advise how I can get the information to you that you need to be able to assist with our problem. 


      We hve had this issue previously and it required sending the MYOB file to you for repair. While at the time this was dealt with efficiently, we are running short of time right now.

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        Hi AW2800 


        Thought I'd mention employers have until 14 July 2023 to 'finalise' their STP Reporting. The bigger problem is if you have payroll to process and cannot do this. Hopefully Doreen_P will be in touch promptly to sort it out.


        There is a corruption in the file (duplicate record) causing this issue. If you can't get timely repair with MYOB, there are others who can repair AR2023 files quickly, send me an email if you want contact details.