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3 months ago

Payroll Activity Report



We have an issue with the Payroll Activity Summary Report including categories such as Payroll Advances and Employee Reimbursements - these payments are NOT wages and therefore should not appear under the wages coloumn of the report.


When verifying the data in the STP report each week after the payrun there is a discrepency as the MYOB Payroll Activity report is including these types of categories as wages.


We cannot see anyway for these categories to not be included in this report and the MYOB instructions direct you to setup using the wages category. 


Either there needs to be an additional Payroll Category Type OR there needs to be an option for them not to be included in the Wages Category report. 


Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Hi aiw,


    Thanks for your post.


    If there are payroll categories that should not be included in the Payroll Activity Summary report and this is causing the discrepancy between figures, you may need to check the ATO reporting category used. As the payroll reports only base their figures on how you report each payroll category. For more information on how to change the ATO reporting category, please see the Help Article: Assign ATO reporting categories for Single Touch Payroll reporting.


    Once changes have been made, make sure to send an update event so that the up-to-date figures will be received by the ATO. To do this, check the Help Article: End of year finalisation with Single Touch Payroll reporting for more information.


    Feel free to post again anytime if you require further assistance. 
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    Best regards,


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      Hi Doreen,


      Thanks for your response, however it appears you have misunderstood my orignal post.


      Reimbursements and Payroll Advances are NOT wages, however the MYOB documentation instructions to use the Payroll Category of Wages. They are not ATO reportable therefore that option is not selected.


      Kindly please review and advise.

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        Hi aiw,

        Thanks for your response. Could you please provide a screenshot and verify the setup for reimbursements and payroll advances? If these items are not classified as wages, ensure they are categorized as "not reportable" in the ATO reporting category.