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5 months ago

Rostering using MYOB Team

Dear Myob Community


Does anyone know if there is a way to block off certain days for an employee who has requested leave that particular day, so they dont accidentally get rostered on.

Why is there not a system in place that once you approve an employees requested leave, you cant roster them on those days. It makes it very difficult to remmeber not to roster people on, when they applied for the leave a month ago and the roster system still allows you to roster them on. 


Also annoying that you can't set up split shifts, i have seen a post about this from 2021 and yet no updates have been made to accommodate this and we are in 2024. 

We took on this system to simplyfy rostering and timekeeping, yet these sort of things are making it more of a hassle. Any advice would be appreciated. 


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  • Hi NgnMotel,


    Thank you for your post and your patience in waiting for a response.


    We understand your concerns about the need for a feature to block off certain days for an employee who has requested leave and the ability to set up split shifts.

    Currently, these features are not available in the MYOB Team rostering system. We highly recommend that you post these suggestions on our Product ideas board. Our developers regularly review this board to understand the genuine demands of users and consider these ideas for future updates.


    Feel free to create a new post again if you require further assistance.