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12 months ago

STP - EOFY Update event error

I am trying to send an "Update Event" but keep getting an error "You must specify a category" so it's stopping the update going through.

I've checked every single pay item linked to all of the staff and all have been allocated a category... 

I've exhausted all possiblities of what could be wrong.  Any ideas on how I can work out or pinpoint what category or pay item it is related to?

  • Do you use categories (not payroll categories) for tracking?

    We do and it seems that message relates to that.

    I turned off category tracking in Setup-System and its worked.  

    I found this in FAQs relating to creating Bills


    "If you use categories in AccountRight, there's a preference you can turn on which requires a category to be selected for every transaction.

    Until we implement category functionality in the web browser version of AccountRight, if you're seeing this message in the browser you'll need to record the transaction in your desktop AccountRight software."


    Somehow its affected payroll even though i couldnt find a transaction without a category.

    Worth a try


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  • Did you solve this issue as I'm having the same problem

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      No I haven't.   It was payday yesterday so we had to process - it accepted the payrun with no issues.  

      Did you make any changes to your categories before trying to send up pdate?

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        We did the same.  Yesterday's payroll has gone through no problem.

        Have checked all the pay items and all ok.  We have 4 other businesses and they have all gone through ok.

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    Hi All


    Thanks for letting us know about this. It's good to hear that it has been resolved. Please feel free to post again if you have further queries.


    Best regards,


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        Hi KatCT 


        Thanks for your post and Welcome to MYOB Community Forum.


        I have checked the link that you provided. If after changing the ATO Reporting Category to Gross Payments then processed a $0 dollar pay, but still the figures don't add up to the employees gross. Please check if the payroll category is a PAYG exempted. To do this, go to Payroll > Payroll Categories > Wages > Click the wages name > Click Exempt > Check if PAYG is ticked > To remove an exemption, untick the checkbox. If unsure if the payroll category should PAYG exempted, please check with your accountant or financial advisor. 


        After changes has been made, please process an update event or $0 pay run to update the figures. 


        Please let me know how it goes.


        Best regards,