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2 years ago

STP Payroll Reporting - Error "Something Went Wrong"

  • Hi BPCH001 


    As you are only getting that error on one PC it does indicate that the issue is environmental to that PC. As such, if the steps previously provided haven't resolved the issue you would need to contact your IT professional. I am sorry that step 6 hasn't worked for you. I would recommend to check with your IT professional the option to reinstall the Internet Explorer certificates.

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    Hi BPCH001 


    Thanks for your post.  Could you more details on when you are getting this error? 


    Firstly, you'd want to check that the version of Internet Explorer on your computer is Version 9 or higher. Once updating that, close and reopen AccountRight and attempt to open this screen. If no changes, try the following:


    Open Internet Explorer:

    1. Internet Options → Advanced
    2. Tick Use TLS 1.2
    3. Apply and okay
    4. Close AR and reopen.
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      Hi Yanike

      Complete your suggestion with the Internet Options - No success.

      One PC in office has no issues, this other PC every time payroll is done on this computer we get the Something Went Wrong message when we have used the STP Payroll Reporting to ATO.

      I have sent several emails to myob help support and also spent considerable time on a number of phone calls and never have been connected to an IT support person.  Our IT person view a link that a myob operator provided and as he said that was 2018 link - which pretty much contained what you have suggested. We have uninstall myob and shut the computer down then reinstalled myob - the problem still exists.  MYOB support at present to me total useless.

      Thank you for picking up on my post - this issue has become very frustrating - as I have to interupt the other person to ensure the reporting to the ATO is complete

      kind regards


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        MYOB Moderator

        Hi BPCH001 


        I am sorry to hear that you are still having issues. As this works on another PC it seems like the issue is environmental to that computer. Could you try the following steps (Make sure you are restarting AR after trying each step)


        1. Reset Internet Explorer Default Settings

        Internet Options > Advanced > Restore Advanced Settings


        2. Flush the DNS cache

        1.Press the windows Start key on your keyboard (between the Ctrl and Alt keys).

        2.In the search box, type cmd

        3.In the list of results, right-click cmd.exe and choose Run as administrator. A command prompt window appears.

        4.At the flashing cursor, type ipconfig/flushdns

        5.Press Enter on your keyboard. A confirmation message should be displayed stating Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. If not, repeat steps 4 & 5 and ensure the command is typed correctly.

        6.After the confirmation message has been displayed, close the command prompt window.


        3. Make Internet Explorer the default internet browser

        Internet Explorer Settings > Programs > Make Internet Explorer default browser


        4. Enable Access Across Domains:

        IE → IE options → Security → Trusted Sites → Custom Level → look for miscellaneous → Access across domains → Enable

        5. Test connecting via a different network

        If possible, try connecting the computer to a different network, such as mobile hotspot or wifi, this will test if this is an issue at a network level.
        6. Reinstall Internet Explorer certificates

        You can reinstall the relevant certificate through the following process:

        1. Right click in the Payroll Reporting Centre
        2. Choose properties 
        3. Click Certificate to view and reinstall the certificate