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2 years ago

Wages by location

Dear all   Does anyone know how to get wages report by location in the MYOB account right? I need separate wages for each state to report payroll tax etc.? Also need to separate wages by state for ...
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    2 years ago

    Hi there


    Assuming your employees are either working in one state or the other, and not across several states at once, my preferred option for this would be to set up Custom Lists in the employee's Card Details. These lists are searchable, so that when you run e.g. Payroll - Activity Summary report, you can include these and sort per the List that you've chosen. If you export to excel it's easy to filter these to your needs. 


    Another option is to set up the Category in an employee card. With each state as its own separate category, this allows you to to run detailed reports on Category (state) such as Category Activity, Category Transactions, Category P&L, Category Balance sheet, and Category General Ledger reports.


    Depending on the size of your payroll you may to work out what works for you :)


    Hope that helps!