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3 years ago

Accountright emailing statement with variables



I have customized our customer invoice emails with variables as below

Please find our invoice #{{invoice_number}} for {{invoice_total_amount}} at your store {{customer_business_name}}
Please contact us immediately on xx xxx xxxx if you are unable to detach or download your Invoice. Thank you. 


For customizing customer statement emails I don't see the ability to customize the email with

for {{statement_total_amount}} for your store {{customer_business_name}}.


Is this possible ?

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    Hi Mikev 


    Thank you for your post. You can add some variables to your default email message. You would be able to use {{customer_business_name}} but {{statement_total_amount}} is not a valid variable so it will not bring the information through.


    For a full list of variables that can be used see: Set up your default email messages.


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