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4 years ago

Change GST Accounting Method in AccountRight Plus

Would somebody please tell me how can I change my GST liability accounts (GST collected and GST paid accounts) to cash basis in MYOB AccountRight plus? We report BAS to ATO on cash basis but our MYOB...
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    4 years ago

    Hi Abbyatmel 


    From an AccountRight report perspective, the system doesn't have a user-designated method for GST accounting method. The system will run off a hybrid system where it is up to the user to select the correct report to how they wish to display their values. For example, to display GST on an Accrual basis with reports you would be looking at the GST [Summary - Accrual] and GST [Detial - Accrual]. If its a Cash basis you are after GST [Summary - Cash] and GST [Detial - Cash] reports would be the ones you are looking at. With respect to actually preparing your BAS/IAS statement, you want to use the BAS Info settings that sarah_ark  has hinted with their earlier post.


    On the accounting front i.e. the accounts, the system is designed to be run on an accrual basis. So when you record a transaction that is when the accounts are impacted and thus this is when AccountRight will show that impact. 


    If you are referring to changing accounting basis, Help Article: Changing your accounting basis would be able to assist with that process. However, it would be best to speak to an accountant in relation to that as well.