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3 months ago

Late Claims in GST Return

In August 2023 I imported some products and got a gst invoice from customs for x amount. I provided this to my accountant who said this was not claimable and is zero rated, which i found very strange. I looked into it further and then approached my accountant again who then realissed they made a mistake and said yes you can claim that gst payment. It is now April 2024 so need to file a late claim.

When preparing my gst return for the end of march myob automatically identifies there are no late claims so im a bit puzzled how i enter this late claim, my accountant is not familar with myob so wondering if anyone in here can help with this issue.

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    I understand that you're looking to file a late GST claim in MYOB, and to help you, you'll need to check if the transaction meant to calculate GST is already amended because changes to the transaction from the previous GST period will be automatically calculated as part of the claims. For more information, please refer to this Help article: Completing your GST Return.


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