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2 years ago

GST Return and Late Claims

This new feature is a a great improvement for GST return accuracy during the year.


Step 2 - GST Report: It would be good if this had the same features as the GST Report in the main reporting section such as the ability to sort by account code or date and choose which columns to display in the expanded view. 


It seems crazy having to review GST using 2 different locations because of this. A better workflow would be to have GST Report / GST Return  and this new feature in one place and all singing off the same song sheet.

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    Hi HeidiBurdett 


    Thank you for the post and we appreciate your suggestion. We will forward this information to our developer team. Thank you for helping us to improve our software. If you have an additional idea, you can submit your ideas here MYOB Business Idea Exchange - MYOB Community so we can vote and discuss it to our developer team.



    Please let me know if you need further help.


    Kind regards,


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      Would also be great if the GST Return and Late Claims report included the Memo details, not just the account details.  Clients want to see what the transaction was for as well as where it was coded.

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      Hi HeidiBurdett 


      Thank you for your post. 


      We  appreciate your ideas and feedbacks. Rest assured that this issue has been raised to the relevant team. We are looking the best way to allow our clients to modify the pages as they see fit. 


      Please feel free to post again if you need further assistance in the future. We're happy to assist.