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3 years ago

Payroll Reporting (STP): Open through desktop app (after STP v2)

When processing payroll, I record the payroll, and don't submit the STP report straight away, so I can check that job numbers have been allocated to all transactions by running a consolidated jobs P&L and comparing it to the whole company P&L.


I used to then be able to go to payroll reporting centre, and send the report with a few clicks once I'd confirmed everything was okay, or deleted and reprocessed any wrong entries.


Now that we've transitioned to STP phase 2:

  • I click on Payroll Reporting Centre
  • which opens my browser
  • where I then have to click on Next
  • before I can type my password
  • and click on Sign in
  • then I have to choose the company file
  • then click on Payroll
  • then click on Single touch payroll reporting
  • then click on the relevant transaction
  • which takes me to yet another screen where the send to ato button is waaaaaay down the bottom so I have to scroll down the page
  • before I am finally able to send to ATO.


Was this user-tested before it was implemented? Was it only tested by people who use the browser version and not the desktop software. so they were already logged in? Or did MYOB simply ignore any feedback they were given?


Although I've been doing it for years, I can't remember exactly how few clicks this used to be - I'm thinking maybe 3 or 4 - but this new process ^^^ is absolutely ridiculous and will drive me insane every week. It still beats having to reverse pays just to change a job allocation. [I still think there has to be a better way to reverse pays while keeping an audit trail - particularly when the $ amounts aren't changing, but hey, that's a whole other issue.] 


I don't even really mind having to log in to the browser, but you could at least take me straight to where I need to go, like lodging the BAS online.


MYOB currently has only TWO main features I use regularly that Xero does not have. If Xero gets their act together and introduces them before MYOB manages to bring AccountRight back to being the solid, reliable, user-friendly program it used to be, then I'll be making the switch. The race is on. I'd rather stick with MYOB but some days it seems every time I turn around I find another reason NOT to use it. For now, the time saved using these features still outweighs the benefits of changing, despite this current rant.


"Bring back easy access to the single touch payroll reporting centre!!!!!!! Please?"


  • I have this same annoyance.

    I can't fathom any reason to make a once simple job more complex.

    I hope it can be fixed.

    In another topic  "Payroll Reporting Centre - Opening in Web Browser" a user says it only happens on one of their 20 files they have upgraded so maybe its a little bug only affecting some files ?

    And it only happened on a recently upgraded STP2 file, which is similar to me who only made the changes last week.


  • This is still happening.  WHY ?

    I am in AR and go to payroll reporting and it makes me sign on to the web version.

    This is annoying and time wasting.  Please fix

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    Yep, I hate the change too - all the extra steps is so time consuming and annoying. Makes me hate MYOB more everytime

  • I tested a selection of three of our files.  Two will send me to web version for signing in and the other will open payroll reporting within AR 2020.

    All STP2.  All 2022.5.24.6688 build.

    I rang MYOB.  Something glitch, STP problem, ATO, fix this weekend ........  


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    I moaned about lack of decent reporting BEFORE you hit the STP report, and was ignored.

    So i am in the same boat as you - DO NOT DECLARE - finalise payroll, and then go to the STP upload/payroll reporting centre.


    However, I am on desktop, and it is one click on the icon, one click and you are there.

    (has never gone to the browser)


    Hope this helps !

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    echokim It used to be one click for me too until I changed to STP2.0.

    Now everything I touch in MYOB makes me want to retrain and change my occupation.

  • "Now everything I touch in MYOB makes me want to retrain and change my occupation.

    I feel the same.  When it it wont report STP2 out of the desktop program and forces me to login on the web browser, and then asks who I am when it already knows (Agent or employee) and then doesn't prefill the signing field and then makes me scroll to submit I wonder who thought it was a good idea to waste our time.

    I even recomended Xero to someone the other day after using myob for over 25 years.