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9 years ago

Report: Profit & Loss - Column headers

Profit and Loss statement -accrual or cash does not display any label such as account code, account name, select period, total amount which they should (see attached my attachment).  In the previous version it didn't show up.

There is no selection on the insert/modify-show/hide column can be allowed to be selected.


Some P & L will display the label such as Job  P & L and P & L multi-period (accrual), P & L with the year to date.


Also if the business is running in Cash -Profit and Loss statement, they can only use one report rather than Accrual -P & L.  I hope the Cash-P & L statement can be extended further that they can have the similar report function such as multi-period, actual vs budget on the statement, current period vs year to date, last year analysis.  Even though they are Small business entity, they should still have the same selection comparing with the another entity. 


I hope it can be addressed in the near future.


"Label of Profit and Loss statement-Cash and more Cash P & L report"


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