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11 years ago

API: Connecting to Excel

Just recently upgraded from v19 to 2013.3. Not very happy with the export to Excel formatting at all. I now have to reformat all the exported reports as the numbers come through as text, not numbers.

Also, I had an ODBC connection in the last version which has now disappeared.

I am used to being able to download information directly into Excel from the accounting package without having to "Export"it.

I would like to see the reporting functionality improved to allow for more customisation. I understand that MYOB wants us accountants to move away from using Excel as a reporting tool, but that is just denying the the fact that everybody uses Excel as a reporting tool whether you like it or not.

OK - rant over.


"Excel add-in"


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    I have already check out your website and have requested a copy of budgetlink and sent an email regarding Excelreportlink.




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    Hi EdenInOz, You'll be glad to know that we'll be fixing excel export in the next release (2013.4). The numbers will come through as numbers and you'll be able to do calculations. regarding working in Excel using ODBC, you can now use the API to do the same thing. I don't want to steal their thunder, but the API guys over at http://developer.myob.com/ will soon be posting a tutorial on using the API with excel. stay tuned.
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    Great tutorial and nice to know that the developers were listening to their users. However, my MYOB file is in the cloud. How do I get this to work?

  • Hi EdenInOz 


    In order to connect to an online file through API, you would be best checking out our great Developer site - http://developer.myob.com


    The first step will be to sign up to our Developer program so you can obtain some API keys. 


    As for connecting to an online file, I found some documentation here but it is of a very technical nature.


    As another solution, there are some 3rd party programs such as Easydownloader that can download data on your behalf from a Live file to excel which may suit some users better.

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    How does one connect Excel to a datafile hosted by MYOB Cloud?