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11 months ago

Attach documents to all different transaction types

Please can you add the ability to attach douments to all different types of transactions  not just spend money and bills.  


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    Hi JustMichaela 

    We understand how important this feature is. No worries, we'll be posting an update once this feature will be available. 

    Feel free to post again, we're happy to help.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    You now have the ability to attach documents to invoices, quotes & sales order in the Browser interface.

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    That is good news!  However I do not use the browser Myob.  I am so used to the "normal" version I cannot get my head around it.   ;-)

  • Warning - just make sure you understand how difficult it might be to retrieve these documents should you ever need them. They are not part of your backup file. As a user, unless you use a paid retrieval service, you can only retrieve online documents one by one.

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    only having attachments on the browser interface for receive money isnt helpful when you use the desktop version. Other software packages allow this. Can't be that difficult when its a function avalible on spend money. Hard to move to a paperless office when software doesn't support it. 

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    Hi DBrokers

    Thank you for posting your insight regarding this. 


    I understand that having a feature that allows you to upload files to any kind of transaction would be very useful, especially in your use case. Rest assured this suggestion will be raised to the development team. 


    In the meantime, feel free to post again in the forum if you require any other assistance. 



  • Why aren't they listening to what we are saying  we need  attachments in sales ect and also in quotes can it have quote # instead inv then says quote only get asked all the time as it say inv when is a quote.

  • Hi tpfind8884,


    Thank you for your post. 


    I completely understand your need for the capability to attach documents to different types of transactions. Currently, this feature is only available in our AR browser version and not yet in AR desktop versions. We value our customers’ feedback and recommendations, hence, this feedback has been forwarded to our feature enhancements team. We will be providing you with updates once we receive an update from the relevant team.


    Regarding your query with the quote number, could you please provide more details to better understand the challenges you are encountering?