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12 years ago

Auto Build: List all items that you don't have enough stock of in message

Hi MYOB Ideas-people


re: MYOB Premier 19.8


I have put this here becuase I could not find an answer in the forums:


When auto-building assemblies from inventory items , if you do not have enough of an item, MYOB shows the message :"You do not have enough of item x on hand to complete this transaction" and stalls on the first item you are short of.


This is pretty useless because (say) if I go ahead and order that part into inventory and again try to build the assembly, if I am short any another item, it then comes up with the same message, tedious!


How I see it is that since MYOB obviously knows that you do not have enough of the first item (when it comes across one), all it needs to to is iterate through all build items in the assembly before performing the build and produce and display a list of all items that you are short of (and possibly other itemised info).




"Autobuild Assemblies - Not enought items"


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    The program stops auto-build after it encounters the very first missing item. It would be useful if it continues and lists all missing items required for a particular auto-build.

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    Thanks for the great Idea. We would love to hear from other users with further comments and votes.
  • As a manufacturer who faces this SAME teeeeeedious problem... I urgently want that change made so we can click through each item in one go to see where a shortage is... it would also be of great benefit to be able to print out a 'shortage list' which is what any serious manufacturing enterprise must always do before production.

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    could this be done at the order stage? when you enter a sales order, myob background-checks the components in the auto-build and lets you know what items you are short of, finally giving an option to create a purchase order for those items.

  • This is a frustration of mine as well. Thanks for raising