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6 years ago

Auto Build: Retain user defined sorting

A few years ago, we suggested to MYOB to include a sort function in Autobuild so that the part numbers could be sorted in order.  This was done, and the feature is a time saver and is great to work with when large numbers of items are used to build complex builds.

The only negative is that the sort does not stay fixed.  Each time we view the autobuild list in the relevant part, the sort always reverts back to it's jumbled original entered state.  

Can MYOB alter the feature to allow locking of the sort so that it is not necessary to continually repeat the sort each time the autobuild is viewed?

Thank you.


"Inventory Autobuild"

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  • Hi,


    We have a large number of items for sale that are genereated from Autobuilds.

    We like to keep the order of the items within the Autobuild in roughly the same order so when we compare similar items we can check we have the right components.

    In the new AccountRight you input the items in the Autobuild in the order you want them to be and MYOB just jumbles them up in no apparent order - not alphabetical nor numerical.

    I have gone back into the item and deleted the 30 odd components and then reinput them and viola - they are in a different order again! Magic - not.

    Can anyone help me to sort the components into the order I want please?