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11 years ago

Bank Feeds: Allow AccountRight Live Administrator users access to apply for bank feeds

I can't stress enough how important it is that as a client advisor we need to be able to setup our client's bank feeds.  It is ridiculously time consuming and painful that we have to get the client's my.myob login details in order to do this - getting this information is easier said than done.


Could we PLEASE have it changed so that administrator access gives us the ability to have full setup capabilities including bank feeds.


This is such a important step in the setup process.


Thank you

Debra Anderson


"bank feed set up"


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    Currently the File Owner permission is required to;


    * Set up Superannuation categories

    * Set up bank feeds

    * Make changes to bank feeds


    All three of these actions are things that bookkeepers/accountants need to be able to do and we shouldn't require file owner rights to do it. If you want to be overly concerned about the security of those items, put them on a SMS verification like you do with Pay Super.


    We've had a number of situations where file owners have given 'file owner' rights to bookkeepers just so they can do the above, and it has lead to issues down the track with the bookkeeper going rogue and taking full ownership of the file.




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      Hi Liam,


      Are you using 2016.1.1?


      In this version you are able to create and define your own user categories so you can customise what access each group of users have access to.





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      Hi Alan,


      Yes am using 2016.1.1.


      Not sure where you create those categories that you're referring to? I realise user roles can be created within the application (Setup > Users) but these are ignored when dealing with those three items; the Online Owner right trumps whatever local role is selected.


      In my specific case the users have all got full admin rights to the data file, but they still can't do the above items as they aren't online file owners.




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    I agree - but as consultants we would need to be linked to their accounts somehow - more than just a user - but not an owner.

  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your suggestion Debra. We would be happy to look into making changes to this process. So this can be prioritised it would be great to see some votes and comments from the community.
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    It has been my experience that automatic 'Administrator' access is given if the client is listed in the 'My Linked Clients' list of your my.myob login; refer attached image.

    I would like this functionality to continue so this 'New Idea' does not get my vote.

    My Linked Clients.jpg

  • I absolutely agree with this request and it seems it is still not in place. I have been appointed as administrator to setup a company file for a new client. And of course because we are cloud-based I'm doing this entirely remotely.


    When I try to add the bank feed setup it gets me to login to my.myob, which I do as myself and it doesn't give me permission to add new feeds.


    It seems crazy that I should have to ask my client for their login details or should have to talk them through this setup process when they have commissioned me as a certified consultant to fully setup their new MYOB.

  • Hi LoveYourBooks 

    Thanks for showing your support by voting for this Idea and your feedback. I have shared your feedback with the relevant team.

  • Why is it that only the AccountRight Online Owner can manage bank feeds?  For an accounting firm where the inhouse bookkeeper is an Online Administrator setting up client files they would be the most appropriate person to do this instead of having to get the partner to do it.

  • I totally agree with the ability to allow administrators  to set-up bank feeds and super. I am currently on the opposite side of the fence with my accountant being the "owner" of my Accountright. I totally refuse to give him my login details to my bank to set up bank feeds as it's against the banks policy not to mention giving an outsider access to my bank account! 
    this must change ASAP as I currently have to enter everything manually! 
    I'm even looking at moving to competition if this issue is not addressed soon.