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7 years ago

Bank Feeds: Rules - Use the next sequential number as the cheque no.

Many of the transactions coming in through the bank feed, if allocated via a rule, are assigned EFT as the ID No. and queries about this in the community suggest that there is no work around.  Well, the one simple work around is to enter all the bank transactions manually and then match them with the feed - which negates the 'time saving' feature of the feed in the first place.  Why on earth can't there be an option to allocate an AUTO # number when establishing a rule so that unique identifiers can be assigned to transactions 'created' via bank feeds?  Auto # is used in just about every aspect of AccountRight so why not here.


"Allow Auto # / unique ID No. to be used with Bank Feed rules" 


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    I should add to my post that this is all the more annoying because if I decide to create, for example, a spend money transaction from the bank feed window, planning to overtype EFT with Auto #, MYOB THROWS UP A WARNING telling me that the ID No. EFT has already been used!!! about we get rid of the warning script and put AUTO # coding in there instead.

  • I completely agree, this is a problem for me too.  I would like to see you be able to use the previous ID number as I allocate an ID number to a user, and process them as a group, so need the same id number for every block of transactions (not so much in the rules for me)