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3 years ago

Card File: ABN Status column

I would like to see an extra column when you display the supplier cards.  The extra column I am suggesting would be to show ABN status.  Currently you have to go into the card to see the ABN status whether green, red or orange.  I would like at a quick glance to see the status of ABN's and be able to filter as per colour.  

To take it a step further if we could hover over the ABN status on the cards list to see GST registration would be extremely helpful.


"Supplier Cards | ABN Status"


  • It used to indicate if ABN was valid & who it belonged to. Now it appears to not provide this, since 2022.7.0

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    How cool to see someone talk about this feature. 


    I'm the reason it existed at all. When word came through that BankLink was being acquired by MYOB I wrote an email  (making a handful of of negative predictions  - all of which came to pass BTW) to my BankLink handlers which went up the chain and eventually a fairly high up MYOB person contacted me directly to assure me that all would be fine and that there was nothing to worry about :-(.


    During the conversation she asked if there was anything I thought they should have in MYOB that wasn't (I think she was trying to prove that MYOB could be as good as BankLink when it comes to listening to its users - I was BankLink's main non-internal Beta tester and there was barely any enhancement or entirely new feature that I suggested that was not incorporated into BankLink unbelievably quickly). It had always bugged my that no accounting software had bothered to utilise the freely available API to access the ABR database in real time.  (She had managed to get it into MYOB within 2-3 months - an increadible feat)


    It would have been nice for it to re-check every time you use a card so it identifies ABN/GST changes before a mistake is made at data entry. 


    Sad to see it disappear entirely, it was a great quality of life inclusion.