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7 years ago

Card File: Filter by designation (Company vs Indiviudal)

We need to create a list of our customers designated as "company" as opposed to the others designated as "individual". I can't seem to find a way to do this without manually setting an identifier or adding each card to a custom list one by one. With over 5,000 cards this wouldn't be feasible.




"Filter customer cards by company designation"

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  • Hi RooBoys


    You can export the cards to a taxt file 

    File > Import/Export Assistant > Export > Next > Cards > Customer Cards...

    and then open in Excel


    While there is no Designation field as such, you can then filter out all records with a First Name not equal to blank

    If you then need to filter the list in MYOB, Copy and paste an identifier to each record and import them back in