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10 years ago

Card File: View and search by email address

In the card list view I would like to be able to view email addresses and seach on email addresses to find the customer - this feature was available on previous version that we had Standard 19 but no longer exisits and we used this function all the time



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    yes please - we used to be able to search so much more in the 19.x versions - please bring this back.

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    Hi PaulaHeenan 

    Welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.

    There have been many users that have relied on the functionality to which you refer that existed in the Classic versions of MYOB (V19 and earlier); you are not the first to seek the return of that functionality into the new AccountRight.


    Please read the "new idea" dated 24/10/2013 together with the comments of other users (like you) on this link Searching by street address, add your comments and please vote for it by clicking its '+ Vote' icon.  It presently has 35 votes and will need many more before it is planned to be implemented.


    Thank you.

  • Status changed:
    Coming Soon

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you for your comments and voting for this idea.

    I'm pleased to announce that we are in development of an exciting feature in the new AccountRight that will allow the searching of email addresses and additional card fields.  

    More details into this feature and how to obtain that update will be available closer to release.

  • Status changed:
    Coming Soon

    Hi Everyone

    With the release of AccountRight 2016.3 an exciting new search feature for Cards has been introduced. This allows for the user to search the Card List window by email address, street address and other fields (40+)

    You can find out more information about this feature and how to obtain the update on AccountRight 2016.3 now available.