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9 years ago

Card File: Warning when supplier's abn changed

Recently, I found that a supplier's ABN has been cancelled while looking into supplier's card because the abn colour has changed to "Orange" colour. I was processing the above supplier's invoice through purchases not being aware that the ABN has been cancelled a couple of months before. I usually enter purchases through "Recurring Transactions"

It would be good idea if there was a warning visible while entering the purchase for supplier's who's ABN has changed or been cancelled.


  • It's great to be able to see ABN status, however, if there is a change to that status i.e. GST registration or ABN cancelled, can it be somehow highligted or a message/update pops up.  I check the ABN's when I create the card but it may be 12 months or more before I have time to sit and go through each supplier card to see if there have been any changes to ABN's - especially with 500+ suppliers!

  • Absolutely agree, this would be a wonderful addition. 

    It's great that they are picking up these cancelled ABN's, BUT.... How many of us have the time to sit and go through the card files to double check. With businesses constantly closing all over the place, this would be a helpful tool to even have a pop up when entering an Invoice for the company to flag it (like duplicate Invoice numbers etc.)

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    The status of the supplier's ABN will be listed on the Create bill window within the AccountRight browser interface. This will give an indication of whether the supplier's ABN is valid or invalid when creating a bill for suppliers.