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9 years ago

Cards: Ability to set a default category

It would be handy to be able to add a default category to both supplier and customer cards so it does not have to be set each time you do a Sales or Purchase invoice.

"Add a default category to Cards"


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    Are you able to add a section in the Card File where you can assign a Category to that customer or distributer, then this will automatically default/assign when raising an invoice?


    Thank you

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    Hello VickiSLyndamh2907

    I agree. You should be able to have a default Catehory for Customer & Supplier Cards. 

    You can set one for Employees on the Standard Pays tab, so why bot on C & S cards?



  • Yes, i agree, adding a category option in the card would be much easier. Also, with the web version of Accounts Right plus version, the category seem to have disappeared, what happen. It is a very useful function for different outlets and or branches in different locations and owned by the same entity.


    Why do a web version without this feature? What do you have in place of the feature? Does anyone have this problem. My client is not happy with the Web version having this feature omitted from the desk top version.  Please include this in the Web version.